In a sense of uneasiness

November 5, 2007
By Jordan Plotkin, New City, NY

In a sense of uneasiness
I could only think to myself
Of the heart wrenching pain
Someone went through
In a abrupt lifespan
Accelerated at the speed of light
In which an adolescent
attributing a killer sense of humor
Leaving them
With pains in their stomach
Tears pouring out of their eyes
With the intelligence of a brain surgeon
Imagining outside the box
Like rain on a wedding day
With the strength of a giant
Befriend the friendless
Lacking a mean bone
Locked away
Without a key to be found
Crippled by illness in disguise
Driven away
With glares and stares
Belittled remarks
From the foul mouths of ignorant lowlifes
Getting cheap laughs
From someone struggling to survive
Not even giving the time of day
Life awaiting
The long anticipated future ahead
Mapped out
Inch by inch
Mile by mile
Step by step
Like a unstoppable lawnmower on top of a delicate Lilly
By an incurable illness
A sudden termination
Heart dropping
Of sorrow and sympathy
From relationships
Close and far
Absorbing the sorrow
Felt from within
But then
Sitting around
Reminiscing on the past
A deep exhaled
Sigh of relief
Is taken
Theirs no more pain to be felt
Mentally or within
With the body resting in peace
As the accepted sole elevates its way to heaven

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