I should be grateful

November 5, 2007
By Tessa Barton, Kalispell, MT

I should be grateful
He says to me…

You listen to your favorites, but
What about those who don’t have a label?
No “Captain” written across my forehead,
No “Brown marks” stamped on my nose -
Well, I have something to say…

My body shakes tremendously,
My stomach tightening and crunching.
My breath sucked in so I have to hold my breath,
For if I don’t, my words might stumble out,
The angry words inside my head,
Built up like Jenga blocks.
If you pull one out, I just might slip and fall.

You hurt my feelings,
Made up lies to prove your point!
I should be grateful…you say, but
NO…I cant!

I didn’t pay to sit the bench.
I didn’t try out for cheerleading.
But to you, I should be grateful?

I sit, I stand, I cheer, I shout,
Only to keep the tears back.
I want to scream and yell at you,
“I quit!”…But you wouldn’t care…

I’d just be labeled a quitter -
Just some girl who warmed the seats,
Got water for those who played,
Gave put-ups to those who were down, and
Smiles to keep their heads up.
I cheer so loudly so that we might get a lead.
If we kill them by a lot, I might get in to play.

You say I don’t care about this team.
People tell you I’d rather be with my boyfriend,
They tell you I don’t care.
But you are both WRONG!
I give myself to this team…

You say I should be more grateful…
Well, screw you, coach -

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