The Game

November 5, 2007
By Jaclyn White, WHITMAN, MA

I keep trying to find the answer to why you keep leading this on. Why you insist on playing this game. I thought it was over, you left in victory and I turned my back in bitter spite. Wasn’t that the end nothing but distant friends? I thought it was done, never again to be played, left under the bed to collect dust and never again to be displayed, for a long time the game was lost but never forgotten, why did you bother looking, Incomplete without it? Was it really that addicting? I can see the craving blaze in your eyes like a raging forest fire, although yours couldn’t be put out. Why does your game have to be me? Knowing that I will always allow you to play, knowing my love will always stay. But the life line of you player on the T.V holds no meaning to your selfish mind. You don’t even think about saving your player from pain, yet it never quits and it saves you, but for what? It’s all just virtual reality. That’s the end, it’s played again…

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