Eternal Slumber

November 5, 2007
By Justin Pyles, Platte City, MO

A place of despair laid them to rest…

The cold, moist earth between our toes, the fog rising from the rot and decay below. A quiet place to be but with an eerie feel to most. This is where it happens…all of the thoughts, regrets, even joy.

It’s a sacred site with a “Do Not Disturb” aura surrounding it. Sometimes we walk…other times we run. No matter which way- we make sure to get there unnoticed…stealthily like a ninja.

We slip in undetected and they do not wake. Sometimes we wish they would. We sit in the shadow of death in the far road…where the gravestones are covered in vine and molds of different varieties, with many dull colors. Slip out of the shoes. Butt meets grass. Pencil meets paper. Our back sits upon the cold, earthy tree. Branches hang down and smell of wet mulch.

As we write to heavens to set us free, we reside in the sixth circle of hell stripped of all hopes and dreams. Tears flow down unto the lifeless ground and flowers sprout with vibrant colors and shimmering beauty. We are released from their deadly grasp.

I awake under the cherry blossom, fragrant smells pour from the fields. Angels swarm the skies weeping in fear for what I dreamt…My Eternal Slumber…

A place of despair laid us to rest…

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