October 2, 2010
By riversain DIAMOND, Clearlake, California
riversain DIAMOND, Clearlake, California
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why must i cry
why must i feel this pain
this unbearable urge to scream

a rage that ive never felt but only seen
a misery never before dealt with nor been able to controll

why did you have to go
why did the tears turn into snow
you froze my hart
you stool my love from the start
you have shattered a broken hart

and yet i ask for your forgiveness
and once aging i am the one to be blamed
i am the one who is framed

yet i say im sorry
im so sorry
please dont leave me alone
i dont want to be on my own

as i look into your eyes i see
i see you broken goodbyes
your past
your pain
your rage
i see you cry
i hear you say you wish to die

then when you hurt you make me hurt
you tell me you want me to die
you laugh when i start to cry
you tell me my love is just a lie

you watch me bleed
you take my joy with your greed

you watch me cry
you watch me as i take the blame for your lie
you watch me as i started to die

you made me fall
you broke my wall

you let me die
you herd my last cry </3

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