What is Twilight?

November 4, 2007
By Rio Esh, Orem, UT

What is Twilight?
The Twilight can be many things, it depends on what kind of Twilight we are talking about.
Are we talking about the Twilight when a child leans over the side of the bed, gazing at the shadows, just to hallucinate a pair of eyes looking back?
Or are we talking about the Twilight of Bella, lying there in the woods after trying to chase Edward, with the moon black, a new moon?
Or the Twilight, as a young girl passes yet another street lamp, looking back occasionally at the man who has been taking the exact same roads she has for the past while, just to run into a dead end and the fact that life isn't what fantasies portray?
Or the Twilight, where shadows roam, sleep walks, nightmares become distinguishable matter, standing over the dreaming creator still sleeping, the taste of blood running its mind with one simple command, "Attack."?
Or maybe, at the same resounding time, the Twilight, where the sun slowly seeps behind the horizon as young couples have their first kiss?
Or the Twilight of a father looking at his daughter's eyes as she drifts to sleep, they being the last thing visible, the same eyes her mother had six years ago, Angel eyes?
Or better yet, the Twilight of a peaceful night as a young teenager lies on a roof staring at the sky muttering only twice, "Life is okay, life is okay."?
I ask, what is Twilight that so many have seen? What is the finely lit image of harnessed emotions to anybody?
What is Twilight?

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