I was always told I would understand when I was older

November 4, 2007
By Ali Cohen SILVER, Rockville, Maryland
Ali Cohen SILVER, Rockville, Maryland
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I was always told I would understand when I was older
This internal hurt of a soldier
Got my best friends head on my shoulder
Venerable, so just like a baby I hold her
But it'll be okay, or at least that's what I told her
See it's funny the way how your sometimes second natured
The way I put these words to paper
Or how I knew someone had raped her
Last night I got her to tell me her story
I watched her emotions unfold
I watched her sorrow filled tears, flow bitter and cold
I watched her words illustrate the pictures engraved in her mind
A part of the past, she could try
But could not leave behind
I tried to tend to her memories and help her cope as she spoke
But I only know how to mend with band-aids and erase with water and soap
If only I could have helped ease the pain by knowing the right things to say
But I can’t convey my thoughts into words as they stream from my brain
Somewhere along the way, my words make an escape
They taunt me as they look back at the mouth they betrayed
And by the time this ink flows to compose a sentence filled with purpose and depth
The meaning has rotted, and her sorrow is an issue to late to address.

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