Just Another Tear To Shed

October 1, 2010
By Anonymous

My Uncle Rich,
So sweet,
Like a chocolate covered cherry,
So Innocent,
Like a baby in the night,
So loved,
Like a cupid in the sky,

The night he was murdered,
Such a blur,
The night he was beat to death,
He was lying dead in an alley,
And I was lying in my bed sound asleep,
Unable to stop it,
Unable to protect him,

Such a tragic story,
What happened to him,
He was a wonderful guy,
If only I could see him again,
My uncle always made me laugh,
He always had a way to make me smile,
We had many fun times together,
The funnest time we had,
Was the day before he was killed,
He was at my house,
We cooked our first and last meal together that day,
And now I will never have a chance to do it again,

So gentle,
He couldn’t hurt a fly,
So thoughtful,
Always on my mind,

We miss him,
Oh, so very much,
He was loved by all,
Of whom he had met,

If only I could have one more hug,
Hear one more laugh,
See one more smile,
I would do anything,

To see him again,
Is impossible,
I miss him so
Very much,
I wish he was here,
I miss the way he laughed,
I miss all the fun times we had,
I wish,
If only,
He was here,

His eyes sparkled even in the night,
His smile bright-end, even my worst days,
His comfort brought joy to me,
I wish it was me instead,
I wish it was me lying in that alley,
I wish it was me who got beat to death,
I wish he was here,
I miss him,
I need him,
I know he is in heaven watching me now,
But If only, if only,
He could be here today,

When he died he took my heart with him,
He took every thing I had of him, with him,
When my mom told me that he was murdered,
I instantly, at that second started sobbing,
Siting there on my bed my heart had just fallen out of my chest,
I was screaming in pain and fear,
The thought of him being dead is so terrifying,
I felt as if the world had just dropped on my shoulders,
As If I i had just lost my life,

He is gone now,
He is not coming back,
He will never be forgotten,
He will always and forever be loved,
By his wife and kids,
And especially me,
His death was,
Just another tear to shed!

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem in memory of by uncle Rich, he was murdered in an alley over 2o dollars. He was found the next day in the alley.

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