Drought Rock

October 1, 2010
There was a time
Before the war
that took our world
When we used to laugh
Our hearts on our sleeves
Love tattooed

on starry eyes
There— our first kiss

there—we made love

there—we went our separate ways
Then suddenly
Our incessant vibrant palate
became muted


And our playground
Became a city lost
To the endless wasteland
of broken spirits
This ghost town of forgotten memory
Rainbow of
concrete rainfall
Forces us to take shelter
like a prisoner banished

to solitary
The rain became a tempest
Show them compassion
and they’ll defile your world

every last drop of honey

from your fingertips
How many suffer
How many fear

How many questioned authority

only to lay waste to the insurrection

after the death of their brothers?
We have brought it upon ourselves
Human installments of



Human neglect


and pain
Our bruised bodies
And tumultuous pasts
Mean nothing to them

who ask us to fit the mold

from the time of our birth
To conform
To forget individuality

Who are you to act so righteously?
I say fuck conformity
Let us paint a canvas of


and unique voice
Let us sojourn to relive forty years past


Let us start a revolution

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