Chance to Dance

September 30, 2010
By julianabieber BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
julianabieber BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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The day had finally arrived, the journey had begun/
On the way to New York City, Ashley dreamed she had won/
Her passion needed to become true, so she took thtat chance/
That chance to make her famous and reconized; that was dance//

She steps out of the car; it's almost time for her big break/
Ashley knows a lot; it's something she's willing to take/
Heading for the door, she goes inside, wanting to go back/
So nervous and anixous, she feels like she's under attack//

Seeing hundreds more, she wonders if she will ever fit in/
they seem more professional, both from without and within/
She feels outta place, but she does as the others do/
Stetching and practicing, even though she doesn't have a clue//

Getting a number pinned to her shirt, the time is so near/
This is the time she is waiting for, or something she fears/
She could mess up, dissapoint, and lose what she really needs/
Or she could do her very best and will hopefully succeed//

Her stomach grew weak, mind went blank, and hands shaking non-stop/
Then a number was called, Ashley looked down and her heart dropped/
It was finally her time, her big moment, this was it/
She entered the room, quite scared yet brave, she had to admit//

Two judges stand before her, one so serious and stern/
and the women beside him, smiliing, saying,"It's your turn."/
The music begins, Ashley starts to dance, she feels the flow/
She is doing good, the music stops, it's now time to go//
It came and went by too fast, but she did her very best/
She waits patiently, until they're done judging with the rest/
Time went by and everyone was finished, the time has come/
She couldn't believe it, her number was called, she had won//

This couldnt be happening, she was excited and glad/
Although this is not the real story, it is actually sad/
Because this is way more crazier then it really seemed/
Then she soon woke up and realized it was only a dream//

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