The Big Game (After the style of "Casey at the Bat")

September 30, 2010
By Mike10 BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Mike10 BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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It was a cold rainy day in the town north of us/
My hockey team was in the finals, it was really big for us./
We're at the rink, we throw on rour skates, our shin guards too/
We get out on the rink and the crowd starts to boo./

We are all getting nervous, the game is about to start/
We almost had the same color, you could barely tell us apart!/
The startins line gets on the rink, we're ready to give it our all/
We were waiting forever, the refs were trying to stall./

The puck finally drops and the bell finally dings/
We took the first shot, it hit the post and made a loud "ping"./
The kid thought that he scored and was leaping with great joy/
Until the ref said, "kid you didn't score!" silly little boy./

The game had finally ended and the score was tied/
We were not happy at all, our body's and muscles were fried./
Our coaches were very proud and happy for us all
But we weren't happy, we threw our stuff at the wall./

It was time for the shoot out, we were getting ready to give it our all/
As you could see by our grins, we wanted to win it all./
Our team was first and our player made the first shot/
As he came off the rink, he started to do a gloating trot./

The shots went by so fast, but we still had more work to do/
When we make our shots, our opponents croud starts to boo./
At the end of the shots we were tied three to three/
We needed one more to bring a title back to SP./

We put our best player out there to try and make the shot/
But just our luck, he took a mighty wack and botched the shot./
The other team made the shot and celebrated in glory/
When alls our hockey team brought home was a second place trophy./

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