June 3, 2008
Day after day passed by
Hurt so bad, inside he’d cry
Lost to dark and the Devil
Didn’t know it’d get to this level

Their plans were set
All the expectations met
This seemed like the answer
To him living with this “cancer”

The day finally came
The morning just the same
As he walked into the school
No one knew he could be such a fool

The time came to finish this scene
He could turn away from an act so mean
But time would tell this story
And all its infamous glory

Shots were heard from around the world
The hairs on everyone’s head curled
Blood had been shed
And the Devil was fed

It took only a second
‘Til death beckoned
And with his last shot
The battle was fought

With him 13 lives did he slay
And 15 crosses are there today
After cheering for their deaths
Their fateful match was met

Parents grieved for their kin
Four, for their sons’ terrible sin
“National Marijuana Day”
21 hurt, 15 dead where they lay

For one, faith was her fate
Time added with unending hate
Her life seemed so short
But was left with no other resort

As the killers came closer, still she laid
Shaken with fear, she knelt and prayed
If she was to die, she knew it was planned
‘Til the very end, she would take a stand

Cold mussel to her head
And her feet feeling like lead
They asked her what she believed
She had practiced this, and was relieved

She knew what had to be said
Even if her death was where it lead
So with her final word of “Yes”
She passed life’s fatal test

She wasn’t any special teen
She knew the effects of being mean
But with her unbinding faith
Her destiny was incased

How could she have known
That her faith could have shown
That she would die this dreadful day
Ending with “why do you pray?”

Her story still amazes me
Shows me where I need to be
I will never forget Columbine
April 20, 1999

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