I am poem

I am the wild fire dancing with the tribal music of freedom.
I am coco, mango, and french vanilla cappuccino.
I am Dutch, Indian, life in the warm desert and woods, and drama schools.
I am writer of passions, running with the tiger, movie fan, and random.
I am lover, writer, and cook master, Halloween, Valentines Day, and Christmas.
I am "Just live." and "Be who you want to be and be random, no one can stop you."
I am fans in the stands for concerts, video games, tag, paint balling, and German.
I am helping others, do over, never give up, and open-minded.
I am Wolverine, Born, and Anita Blake.
I am X-men, Clash of the titans, Dirty dancing, and Up.
I am funny, loving, naughty, and will fight for what's right.
I am Chosen, Dark angel, and Ness.
I am writer, make laughter, street walker, and "don't let anything get in the way."
I am passion for the lonely, writing, neon colors, thinking, and accepting everything.
I am my own person, Me.

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