The Impossible Elk

June 2, 2008
By Brandon Royal, Donald, OR

Crack, the sound of a twig
Walking through the forest
Trying to stalk an elk,
Rifle in my hand
Pistol in my back pocket.

Look an elk, cool
He is a big one
Maybe a trophy elk,
Trying to stalk him,
When suddenly snap,
The sound of a twig snapping.

I began to chase him
Climbing a big tree
I load the gun
And take the shot.

Bang, bang, bang
3 shots to the gut
Still has not dropped
The adrenalin is pumping
The blood is pumping harder and harder.

Bang the last shot
Finally I got him
Pack up the gear
And start to walk.

Ah the elk is alive
Scared me to death
Pull out my side arm,
Bang, bang still running
Man what a strong elk.

Follow the bloody red color in the snow,
I see something ahead
Could it be, yes the elk
What a big one.

Finally he is dead,
I got the trophy elk,
Now I just have to go get the truck,
It can’t be that far, nor could it be?

Finally I get the elk into the truck,
I say it must be an 1125 ponder,
I finally get home,
I unload the truck, but kept the elk in.

I take it into a meat place to get it done,
I take the body into a stuffing place,
Yes I got all the meat, and the body back,
Man it was worth it to hunt him down.

Bandon Royal

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