Sleepless Night

September 25, 2010
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On a Siberian frightful night
The darkness of the night surrounded me
As I lay
Nowhere near sleeping
While I pondered on those mysteries of the earth yet to be solved
Listening intently to that surrounds me
Gazing around at the ebony shadows that look like those of evil creatures

Wanting to escape the dreadful thoughts
That may come after gazing
Awake hoping, praying for sleep to come
To take me away from thy misery
I wait for it to come,
Waiting to escape from the darkness
Terrified, I pause for it to come
Restless, I do not move

Scared of those that hide in the darkness
They conceal themselves in the dark
Remaining unseen to the human eye
But we’re conscious they are there
I now anxious
Listening to the world outside
I pray to god silently
Hoping for a miracle, for the light to shine
For morning to come, for dawn to break

Listening to the wind
Howling to the darkness of the cold world
Encouraging the evil that lurks in the darkness of the night
Ah, sleep why thy come won’t and take me away
From thy dreadfulness remorse
It doesn’t come
Betraying me once again
It leaves me to be conceived by my fabricated thoughts
I shall remain delusional, hunted by my fabricated demons of the night,

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