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Angel Boy

June 2, 2008
By Britani Peri, San Lorenzo, CA


I love that you love me
I love that you are you
I love that you know who I am
I love that you can always make me laugh

I love how you confer me when I am sad
And you dry my tears
I love that you care
About me and my happiness

I love that you never try to change me
You let me be me
I love that you love my brother
And that you got to know him

I love everything about you
I never want to lose you
I never want to say I don’t know you
I love that I have you in my life

Even though you are far away
I love when I do get to see you
I love getting a phone call
And hearing your voice on the other side

People can think whatever they want
I am always going to love you
Maybe I am crazy
At least I’m crazy about you

I love you
Because I can
Because I am in love
And you’re the one I gave my heart to

I can never love someone the way that I love you
You are my everything
My world
I will love you with all my heart

For the rest of

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