terrified of what's inside

June 2, 2008
terrified of whats inside
this love that burns inside me
i know that they'll hate it if they realize
i never want to let you go
cause babe i'm not alright when you leave
i want you with me
i'd take it all back if i could
they say we shouldn't be together
that were all wrong for each other
you have to let me know I'm dieing inside you know
we'll they broke are hearts quite literally
i need you do you need me
if all we had was something to make it better
faster cause I'm falling in love
we'll make it last forever
there Passions is wearing thin
lets make it last forever
and you made your self a bet at the bottom of the blackest hole
so why cant they listen just long enough for us to explain

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love_and_anatomy said...
May 2, 2011 at 11:01 am
i love this; you write very fluently with words that I would use... very nice (:
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