Waiting gets you nowhere

June 1, 2008
Her feet dangled in the air,
They swung back and forth,
Rocking the old wooden deck,
She waited.

Her palms pressed into the thirsty cracking wood,
Her fingers curled over the edge.
She waited.

The golden fire in the sky diminished every passing minute.
She waited.

As quiet as nature could be,
As calm as the lake stayed,
She still listened.
She still waited.

What she was waiting for,
She did not know.
She waited even longer.

Minutes became hours,
Blue skies turned to violet,
The suns heat dwindled down in temperature.
Her feet still dangled.
She still waited.

Once darkness enveloped,
Once the night’s song played,
She stood ready to walk away.

She had waited in the spot all day,
She realized now that nothing had changed,
Except for the day, she had wasted away.
Because while she had sat there,
While she waited,
She learned,
Waiting gets you no where.

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