Love Me,Love Me Not...

May 31, 2008
By Jamie Stephens, Miramar, FL

Love me, love me not, miss me,forget me not/
weary from constant pretending/
tired of fakin friendly/
when deep down, I'd much prefer late night sessions of whole hearted confessions of how much of a blessin it is to share the pure essence of your warm presence/
making eye contact, my heart flutters/
words stutter/thoughtz jumble/
feet stumble/
an utter catastrophy everytime we speak/
feelings suddenly reoccur like it's the very first time that we meet/
Most nights I imagine you're never alone/
at least not physically/
but emotionally I can see.../
that your heart is
single,unattached and without security/
naturally you seek a rare love with whom to be/
only if you'd give me the time of day,then could I rescue you from ur
loveless misery....

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