A Long Way from Home

May 31, 2008
By Emma Laube, Madison, WI

I walked a path unclearly marked
away from common sense.
Misery lingered in the air
and clouds of emotion were dense.

What to do, I didn’t know,
and so I just kept on.
Far from all that I knew
A long, long way from home.

On one side stood green pastures
sun spread love and light.
On the other rose dark hills
filled with anger and spite.

Who can say what was happening?
I certainly couldn’t tell
away I strode from warmth and peace
and neared the lands of hell.

The road was tough and filled with stuff
I’d rather not describe.
A blow to my sanity
a purge of peace and mind.

But I just kept on going
Through fog as thick as foam.
I never once strayed from my path
a long, long way from home.

When I reached the ending
when my journey was through
everything was worth it
for what I found was you.

A brilliant ray of sunshine
a miracle so dear.
I collapsed into your arms
and cried many a tear.

For there you were—
though I can’t explain
what made it all the while—
but when you greeted me
all I could do was smile.

And as the sun was setting
We departed arm and arm
With you, everything was magical
We were quite safe from harm.

And so we traveled ‘round the world
through Brazil, China, and Rome.
Together we made life an adventure
a long, long way from home.

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