The Journey to Luke

May 31, 2008
She went on a journey
to sequester Herself
and found a happy place
beyond the Yellow and near the Blue.

She gazed at the Blue and wondered why it was alone.
She knew the Other Blue had company
So why not this one, too?

Her wondering lasted shortly
and soon She forgot about the lonely Blue.
She couldn’t keep it company.
It created a rift in Her hard heart.

She needed companions of Her own
so She searched the cold
and found Stone.

It was a murky being
who withheld a creature
that was similar to Her
and Her own.

She watched the trapped creature
and felt indecision.

Should She help Him? Or leave Him?
Perhaps there was a reason for His entrapment?
Would She bring about disaster?

Her uncertainty was abandoned
She released Him.

Before He could speak,
She left.
He would be alright.
He was free.

Days later, She returned.
There was an underlying current
of uneasiness within Her.
She knew He was the cause.

She traveled into the inner sanctum of the Stone
and found Him with several others.
Some She knew, some She did not
but She was very aware
that She did not like this situation.

He told Her it was Hers.
She told Him She did not accept,
She didn’t need an army.
but He insisted
They had trained for Her
and so they were Hers.

She watched them as they grew
and She suffered.
Her Beloved was with the mix.
She new he would not last.
He didn’t have what it took.

Her Army traveled with Her
and They went to Unknowns
around the murky barriers.
They knew highs once and again
and She knew it was only a matter of time

She tiptoed across a stream,
Her Army behind Her
and they met Their end
like many others of great power.

They were outmatched by another
and eradicated from existence so as
the next could go on to be destroyed
by someone stronger.

But She wasn’t particularly surprised by Their ending.
It was only befitting that They and Her
should go.

They had overstayed Their welcome
on the Cool Side.
It was time to see the Luke.

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