A Photograph

May 30, 2008
By Deandrea Lottier, North Hills, CA

Staring at a photograph of you. Studying your eyes, lips and nose.... oh how there is so much beauty in your eyes.
Looking deep.... into those gorgeous blue eyes. I feel content, leveled, and at peace. As tears begin to slip down my cheeks. The sweetest memoirs of our past and present flash before my eyes.
How it is to hold you. Feeling your broad arms wrap around me. Your tender lips kiss me; always sweet and lush upon mine.
The masculine and gentle aroma of your cologne left upon the sheets and inhaled deeply with savoring delight.
Your embrace and touch.
Our nights and sunrises sublime and treasured. For your hands fit mine just right and your arms wrap around me so tight.
To be into to deep. Is an understatement! For i dive in for your love each night=). With each kiss and each fight. Our hearts will soar. Our spirits will fly. And we will be together from now and till the end of time.
For you are my sublime blessing. As i am yours.....

Bringing the picture in my hands to my lips. Sealing of promise or amorous passion. I close my eyes again then search over your picture once more. Settling it down on the counter. Slipping into bed and dreaming of sweet reveries of you and me.

How i love thee...

good night.

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