a 7 year old girl

June 2, 2008
By Ariella! BRONZE, Sussex, New Jersey
Ariella! BRONZE, Sussex, New Jersey
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Can you even see the light
Shining in your pupils
Dilated and forging faces
Shock value
Hands up in the air
Told and untold by the beggar
On the street
False fake lies
The seasoned words
The tone of disappointment
Faced to a passing wind
Towards me.
Eating my sickness
Broke off the lipstick
Terrified blue-eyed
Dragging down the road
Tantalizing disease!
How you take over me
And curse to the heavens! Yes
Brother, what is the time?
Sister, calling to nobody
Insane. Botched.
Done and undone
Filled and emptied
Ok hands down
This is not right.
Goodbye he whispered
And slowly closed the door
I, a 7 year old frightened in my bedroom

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