November 10, 2007
your hands and arms
and soon the whole of you
wrapped around me
until I got lost
I kissed your head
and you snuggled closer.
That very room was no longer a room,
my eyes began to droop
and oh my God--
your head rested on my shoulder,
and you stood in me
and we swayed.
My eyes re-closed
and the warmth our bodies made
beat the sun by miles
and I think the others felt it too.
we swayed and spun
counterclockwise, against the
rhythm of the music.
at first it bothered me
but then I remembered
we aren't dancing for them,
we danced for us.
Your head rested there
and I was there for you,
my feet left the ground.
and the music stopped.
you whispered so gently
that you had to go home now,
and I think I whimpered
because you pulled me close again
and our lips met
than ever before.

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