November 8, 2007
By chelsea bennett, Alpharetta, GA

My place of tranquility,
in a world of tiny eyes,
my place to speak out thoughts,
in a school of many spies.

Dressing up for a play date,
dressing down for my latest hour,
Throwing fist at a tangible cloud,
my oh so loud screams are absorbed in that same tangible cloud.

My jail sail of mischievous work,
mischievous... I say no,
intellectual, wisdom, peace, my minds at work, RAGE, revenge, anger, sorrow, my minds still at work.

Individuality, my music speaks,
chaos manic, blaring silence, the atmosphere speaks.
Organized confusion lays on the walking tiles, I don't specialize in cleaning.

Escaped to a place with a division line from a corrupt world. Stirring up a horrid nightmare, awaking from a delightful dream. My insolence, my only escape from reality. The haven of me.

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