The Story of the War of 1812

November 8, 2007
By Matthew Goodwin, Wagram, NC

Once upon a time
We had a war with Britain
And nothing was fine.

The war took place in 1812
With an ill trained militia
Who were quick…to leave the battlefield.

America declared war on Britain
They hoped that it would quickly fade
And end Britain and France’s neutrality trade.

The war would have soon been over
But the War Hawks were ignorant
And wanted it to go on.

Our militia was weak
But found their peak
On water rather than land.

Our boats were better built
And we had better gunners
Trying to rid themselves of guilt.

With naval officer Oliver Perry
We captured a British fleet
And thus became a little more merry.

Thanks to Macdonough
New York was saved
That was great.

Fought on land and sea
It’s great to be
Over with the war of 1812.

Washington was soon defeated
And including the White House
Washington was burned.

Andrew Jackson was the next big hero
When he went into battle
With the extremely confident British.

Jackson got lucky
When the British came headfirst
In a frontal assault.

The war led to the Treaty of Ghent
Which unfortunately meant
That thousands had died for nothing.

Although nobody won
It’s great to be done
With the war of 1812.

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