The General’s Term

November 8, 2007
General Washington became President;
He was unanimously elected
Which lead him to serve two terms as a White House resident.
Throughout his administration, his great political mind was reflected.

During his terms, Hamilton suggests a bank.
Jefferson opposes;
This lowers federalist Hamilton’s social rank.
However congress supposes
That the best for this country in 1791 is a National Bank.

The excise tax was performed.
Pioneer folk were mad, and planned combat.
The Whiskey Rebellion was formed
Yet it was stopped, when Washington decided to used a hammer to crush a gnat.

Political parties emerged.
Hamiltonians on one side, Jeffersonian on the other
But during the French Revolution of 1793, the parties surged.
The Hamiltonians supported it, while the Jeffersonians did not want it to go any further.

In 1793, Washington’s Neutrality Proclamation was established.
This states that it was best not to choose sides.
The Jeffersonians wanted war regardless,
While the Hamiltonians did not abide.

Washington was getting tired of his term.
He was around till 1794 for Jay’s Treaty,
But he stated his farewell very firm.
And when he took his leave in 1796, he spent his time with his family

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