The Real “Alexander the Great”

November 8, 2007
Alexander Hamilton was a man.
He would soon have his own clan.
He got started when he was Secretary of Treasury
For the great George Washington. (“tan”)

Hamilton used his plans and the Constitution
To fix the vexations of the Articles of Confederation.
His plans were simple, but genius
To shape the fiscal policies of the administration

Hamilton’s first plan was on national credit;
He was planning to bolster it
By the national government taking both state and war debts.
The policy of “Funding at par” was now set. (s“it”)

Hamilton told Congress what they should do;
That the national debt should be supported by revenue.
Some people may not have agreed,
But national unity is what the revenues would tend to.

People didn’t distrust Hamilton just because of the excise tax,
But because he had lost tract.
Alexander started thinking more for his party’s good than the country’s,
and made the Alien a Sedition Acts.

Hamilton, at 49, would be apart of a dual that would occur
In New Jersey with a man named Burr.
Hamilton would get shot in the abdomen,
But Alexander didn’t try is what the witnesses would concur.

Federalist could not believe what the newspaper said.
“Alexander’s Demise” is what it read.
Federalists knew at this point
The person that kept their party strong was now dead.

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