The Last Shed of Light

November 8, 2007
Before I go I leave you with this,
And not just for the benefit of Federalist.
I have led you in peace, war, and politics,
So listen to me, for I have wise tactics.

One big group is better than many small,
So after I leave remain one for all.
Opinions should not separate a whole nation,
So please, I ask, stay away from factions.

The Government should be central,
Banks, there should not be several,
And economy should be textural.

It is good to have friends but nothing permanent,
Making everlasting ties would be errant.
Avoid war with other powers,
Leave it their problem, not ours.

Out of all these this in the most important,
Because a man without Morals is ignorant.
Men bound by God will come together well,
And in no way will He let you fail.

When I am gone, you’ll be fine,
If you follow my instructions that I have left behind,
America will be sturdy as the strongest pine.
I have done for you, plenty,
I am trying to go out, still with dignity,
So now that I’ve given you my wisdom, leave me be.

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