Fire At Prophetstown

November 8, 2007
Motivated blue coats marched towards Prophetstown
To bring the Indian uprising down
A message brought sides to a cease fire
With this the consequences were dire

Early dawn fires were shot
Bluecoats woke to surprise with vengeance that’s sought
Indians fiercely breaking through the lines
Sentinel rushed back through the pines

Fighting rallied on through the day
With momentum traveling either way
Indians kept relentlessly charging
Though the bluecoat’s lines were not barging

Indians began running low on ammunition
As foreseen by Harrison’s premonition
The revolting army was thought not to be small
The sun rose and exposed them all

The Prophet’s army finally retreated
To claim that American victories were being repeated
Harrison’s army reinforced their positions
Searching the town to find the Indians disposition

The town was solemnly burned
The fate of the Indian confederacy was overturned
Troops went to graves and desecrated
To show that the Indians were merely hated

With Tecumseh joining the red
Bluecoats knew he needed to be dead
His confederacy was coming to and end
Leaving the scars for the Americans to mend

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