Only shows emotion, (He told me)

November 8, 2007
By Amy Geberin, Indianapolis, IN

You said you had no feelings
& that you only show emotion
You said you really loved me
But deep down, you know -
I don’t condone it.

You had me believe all these lies
But I had no one to blame
And left me with the only thing -
Just the tears from my cries

You told me not to believe
You told me to keep dreams small
You told me I won’t amount to anything
You told me that’s no such thing as “achieve”

For days you had me
My spirit deeply crippled
Who said you’d have this much force
My tears still, constantly trickled

Trust seemed not to follow
And neither did this “love “
But after a few weeks,
My tears, I’ve learned to swallow

A month leaves and leaves change
And back here again; he quietly sways
Face to face, his mind fills with wonder
But these words still seem permanent...
They’re mine to ponder

“You said you had no feelings
& that you only show emotion”
And now, those are the words I seem to be dealing

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