I just cant believe that what happen was bad

November 7, 2007
I just cant believe that what happen was bad
What I did to you is so f***in sad
I cant believe that I threw your love away
I just hope you can forgive me, but right now i dont know
what to say
Loving a guy for that long was hard
But like every one says, “Mija you have to be strong.”
I know its ganna take me a while to forget
But 1 thing I know is that i might regret
Regret what i did and didnt do
But now i know that i hurt you too
So baby listen to what I gots to say
Cause one day i know im ganna pay
Sorry for breaking your heart and making you cry
Now Im leaving and Im sorry if you dont understand why
So please love a special girl like you do
Cause one day that special girl wont break your heart and she
will tell you “Baby I love you too!”

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