Hit the road Jack

September 6, 2010
By Anonymous

Just rip it apart
My stupid little heart
You don't think
When you give me a wink
What it does to me
What kind of monster could you be
We started out great together
And I truly thought we'de be forever
But when it was the end of the thrill
Things began to go down hill
Things got bad
And you got mad
Our dates began to fall
And then there were none at all
You stopped calling at nights
And we got more fights
Then you broke it off between us
And I threw a fuss
I still loved you very much
And when you left I needed a crutch
After awhile though you started to wink and smile at me every day
you'de flirt with me in every way
Then you came up and said you still loved me
And that when you closed your eyes it was me you could see
We went through a week without one fight
But then I started to see the real light
You had another girl on your side
But you see it was only a two person ride
I made up your choice for you
letting her take my seat for two
I walked away without looking back
Singing "Hit the Road Jack."

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