The story of Christopher C.

September 8, 2010
By fannyalexgirl SILVER, Nyc, New York
fannyalexgirl SILVER, Nyc, New York
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Born in 1451,
Destined to sail under the burning sun.
Christopher Columbus was his name,
The death of the Arawaks is his shame.
He thought he could find a route to the east by sailing west.
He tried very hard, he really tried his best.
He asked kings and queens, to give him ships and men.
He asked many times, he asked again and again.
Finally Queen Isabella and Ferdinand agreed.
Columbus worked so hard, he was determined to succeed.
He sailed for ten weeks straight.
Land was then sighted, 1492 was the date.
He set foot on India, that’s what he thought.
He was wrong though, India it was not!

Columbus discovered a group of people living there.
He called them Indians; they were nice and happy to share.
He thought the Indians would lead him to their gold.
He’d have slaves and wealth. Such power he would hold!

Columbus noticed the Indians had gold studs in their ears.
Secretly he gathered together every one of his peers.
Every Indian above 13 was forced to search for gold.
It didn’t matter 13 was young, it wasn’t important if you were old.
Really there were no riches at all.
Some Indians ran, some were so weak they would fall.
The Spaniards killed in a gruesome way.
They cut off hands and left them; on the ground they lay.
Too late they realized they were wrong.

There was no gold, they’d searched to long.
The remaining Indians were sent to Spaniard estates.
To slave there and receive nothing were their fates.
That is the story of Christopher C.
Why we celebrate him is unknown to me.

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