.Reconstruct Her, deceived you

September 7, 2010
....So does the original sin
An almost tamed hurricane
Do not fall under his spell

About those who open up to it, and the price they bear
About those who run far away from it, because they are petrified of it or they are not worthwhile
Till we have faces
To getting buried in two sins
Because we seek and touch, the things we want
But we can't have them
Greed confines you, in this small candle lit cage
Begging the keeper to set you free
And in return you give him seraphic bliss
Flooded with wine
Drown in those toxins that tried to take your life before

Before,before it's too late,
Can your heart cavity direct you?
Or does your mind and wants take over?
Slowly let some breath in,
Chest, arms, legs
At ease
Tension in your neck
Because you know something that someone else does not

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