Something to lean on

November 2, 2007
By Ryan Vail, Discovery Bay, CA

The cool breeze,the sunshine
what more could i ask for
I hear the calm trickling sounds of the creak
i've been so stressed, is this what i need

Nature makes the world go round
it's what no one could live without
I'm still all by myseld with no one
but the question is, am I

Or am i with the one and only mother nature
in fact, I've never felt so alive
I have the trees and animals that make a beautiful scenery
I only breath the finest air, nothing more
what else could I ask for

Its been a few weeks
and now I know I need to move on
mother nature isn't where i belong
I understand why mother natur has finally become so nice, all of a sudden
it's because nature is almost as sweet and beautiful as the love of my life, who left me
mother nature is simply my replacement
now I know the wild isn't so bad after all
well, it is all that I have

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