Laughing and giggling

November 2, 2007
Laughing and giggling
as we stumble out the door.
I hold onto the door frame
to prevent myself from crashing to the floor.
Keys in hand,
I unlock the car.
"Jump in you guys, it's only a few blocks, we aren't
that far."
"No way!" one of my friends yells,
"You can't drive! You are way too hammered!"
"Then you can walk and meet us at my house!"
I stammered.
As we climb in the car,
I hear my cell phone ring.
"Mom I'll be home in a second,
don't worry about a thing."
I reach a stop sign
and slam on what I think is the brake.
But I only floured the gas pedal,
I made a terrible mistake.
I hear from the passenger seat.
But my mind is such a blur,
the brake and my foot never meet.
Into the window, I feel my head slam.
In the cold darkness I grab my friend's bloody hand.
My friends and I lie numb while we hear the sirens near.
"What have I done?" I whisper in silent fear.
"I am sorry to inform you that no one here survived.
Such a horrible wreck, a total of six lives."
I chose my own fate, I know it is too late.
We all would have survived, if we didn't drink and drive.

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