When You Left

November 1, 2007
You were so fun you made me laugh
You told me everything
Even about your past
Sometimes I would make you mad
But I knew you weren’t the same
When we found out that day
It was so horrible it was so bad

I remember all your jokes
You made me feel so comfortable
But when we found out the news
It was completely miserable
You knew it all along
But you never bothered to tell
Not until you knew it was going to be Farwell
I miss you so bad I want you back!

When you were weak
When you couldn’t speak
this is when I had to let you know
I didn’t want you to go!

When you left everything wasn’t the same
When you’re gone its not the same bright sunny day
Because you're not here
To make me feel all better
I’m now just hurt forever
All things I ever wanted feel so wrong
All I want is you
But I cant happen
Because now you’re gone...

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