She looks down the gray dull hallway

November 1, 2007
By Rachel Doody, Belfast, ME

She looks down the gray dull hallway
She pulls her sleeves over her hands and hugs her books close to her chest as it were a shield
Her long mane of hair sweeps in her face to disguise her puffy eyes and pale face
She sits down on the cold wood and looks around
So many people surround her
They all play, talk and smile
Why can’t she smile?
What makes her so different from them?
Does she not have skin and hair?
Does she not have a face or eyes?
Does she not have a voice to speak?
Does she not have a heart that may break?
She’s just like you
All of you
She hides because you stare
You stare because she hides
Why is the world so cruel like that?
Maybe it’s time for someone to make things right
All the world needs is one person
One person to take a stand
One person to say hello to that lonely girl sitting on the cold bench
That one person can make all difference

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