I'm From...

October 30, 2007
By Lisa Paige, Jonesville, SC

I am from The Drifters and "Under the Boardwalk;" from Jiffy peanut butter and homemade jelly.

I am from the mud beside the car porch after it rains, the monkey grass growing up the sidewalk by the front porch.

I am from going to see Christmas lights on Christmas Eve, then opening presents after Santa came and crazy get togethers, from Doris, Doby, and my mom.

I am from the sleepless nights because of stomach aches and growing pains.

From the "it'll be alright's" and "don't let them get to you's."

I am from Baptisim, the Jonesville Baptist Church and making macaroni pictures.

I'm from Spartanburg and the small counties in Upstate South Carolina, fried chicken and green beans.

From the stories of my dad, his band, and my mom's childhood.

I am from my small house in Jonesville beside the fire department. All the calls from people asking for Bantam Chef. The ups and downs with my brother and sister and how our memories will stay even though I move...

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