In Autumn

August 27, 2010
By Anonymous

It was on the tree limb I sat
in the cool breeze of autumn
with the smell of pine and crisp leaves
drifting through the air
I waited there
but not for long
just to wait and see

I thought of her
or so I thought
but was it really, I’ll not know
The image was stuck, but the feeling drifting
The deed was done, but with no seeds to sow

The clouds hung over the air
like a blanket
but all this blanket did
was hide despair
My head sagged, as I drifted away
Down to the ground, the sot, the hay

There I laid and maybe still do
Whether or not, I don’t know
I am not the one to decide such things
As I am only here for just one day
That cool breeze of autumn still lingers against my skin
The smell of pine never wearing thin

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