Looking Up From the Ground

October 30, 2007
I know a fallen star

When he sings his words and melodies
they are unfettered from the heart,
but life has worn him much
Dark bags droop under his eyes
and gray hairs grow from his face
His spirit, though, is still young
and lifts me to the heavens
and while I’m there I wonder why
he’s not a star shining in the sky

If you heard him
you'd know as well
he was born to sing,
and in the sky to dwell,
but life has worn him much,
stood often in his way
and made him more a falling star
than a star to stay

Now he's fallen,
from the sky
his sparkle dimmed by dust
he’s been forgotten now
his gold has turned to rust
Life has worn him much

He looks up and wonders why
he's not up there in the sky,
but the ground's not so bad
he finds

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