October 29, 2007
By Laura Kochendorfer BRONZE, Davisburg, Michigan
Laura Kochendorfer BRONZE, Davisburg, Michigan
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I wonder how the night will be

The same nervousness inside
But a little more excited than dreading of the night ahead

Boutonnieres and corsages being exchanged,
As many flashes of light come from different directions

The sound of people saying “look here,” “now here”,
As if famous people were standing before them

Knowing it was time to leave;
Rounding everyone up and put them into a car
as if they were cattle being put in a barn

Heading toward the sounds of the excited teens

The uneasiness comes back right before they pull in

They arrive
whoosh, heat, humidity
Is it worth being here?

Person after person piling in,
adding to the moisture
People coming up saying “hi”, “you look beautiful”,
“I love your dress,” and many other polite compliments

Heading down to the sea of teens
Moving to the rhythm

The time was fun
But the fun had to end
Before the final song

The apprehension came again
And people’s words pierce the heart

Walking away with tears in the eyes-

No one cares.

I’m all alone.

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