Dreams can’t climb the balcony of a beautiful girl

September 30, 2007
By Timothy Brown, Cottage Grove, MN

My ship is sailing into a dark oblivion,
While I ride shooting stars looking for her.

My thoughts changing randomly at light speed,

And emotions are left to trail behind.

My soul goes numb as I wonder through life
Trying to find warmth with a twisted outlook on life,
And the way I only remember significant love.

A murmur in the back round of a corrupted mind
Striving to write with at least some innocence.

I’m looking for an answer,
But I seemed be left empty and cold.

As time rolls on I sit and wait for the faithful day.
The day looking and find myself,
Or the day I fall and lay lifeless next to my shadow.

I seem to be losing myself in the cracks of my illusions,
Only to figure out that dreams can’t climb the balcony of a beautiful girl.

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