I am so Sorry!

August 16, 2010
By Anonymous

I am sorry, sorry for everything

I am sorry for not being there for you

I know my life was awesome and great

Sorry for all the things you have been through

I am a bad person and sorry for that too

You were going through a lot & I had no clue

What kind of friend am I?

Please don’t break our friendship and don’t say goodbye

I can't bear to lose you, oh my friend

Think about the great times that we have spent

You can't die now, don’t leave me all alone

You were going through hard times I wish I had known

Why didn’t you give me any clue?

Maybe I wasn’t trust worthy to you?

Or did to try to tell me someday

And I must have been in my own thoughts and away

But you couldn’t have killed yourself my friend

No, no, at least not in this way

Was your life that hard that you wanted it to end?

No, you couldn’t have killed yourself on your own birthday!

Please, please wake up, I said I was sorry,

Please get up now…I am so sorry…

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