I was the ungrateful younges

September 28, 2007
By Raquel Martinez, Plantation, FL

I was the ungrateful youngest, a manipulative genius.
I remember the day my mom's family broke apart, a time they should have been strongest.
I heard her say she was his precious angel, a lie that haunts me to this day.
I saw the frame of a family photo cutting itself apart into different entities.
I worried my family would never be the same. Never be whole.
I thought my siblings and I were bound to repeat the history that my mom and her brothers started.
But, I want to change.

I am that little piece of happiness in the hardest parts.
I think families take each other for granted.
I need to always let my brothers know how much I love them.
I try to keep smiling even when my mind is seething with anger.
I feel incomplete without my brothers by my sides. They're my oxygen.
I forgive my uncle for destroying a family that was a finished jigsaw puzzle already glued and mounted.
Now I can change.

I will be the calm in a storm.
I choose to cherish my family as if they're all I have left.
I dream to never be too far away from my brothers.
I hope I can easily resolve issues between my siblings and myself.
I predict my bonds with my brothers will never break.
I know my family will always be a whole picture, we will never fall apart.
I will change.

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