Eager McBeaver (Payback)

September 27, 2007
By Jonathan Yakubov, Elizabeth, NJ

Oh little, little rabbit, Eager McBeaver
what have you done this time.

Oh Eager McBeaver,
once again didn’t do his chores
because it was a bore, to him
Instead he went to a plant store
and bought a plant killer spray
Oh Eager McBeaver wanted war

Oh Eager McBeaver ,what are you up to now???
McBeaver bought it to exterminate plants, once and for all
but who had a garden in the town of Petersville
Oops, I forgot Mr. Flip’s garden
Oh, McBeaver wanted payback...

Oh Eager McBeaver
never listened to anybody,
he always wanted trouble

Oh Eager McBeaver
ran to Mr. Flip’s garden, that afternoon

Oh Eager McBeaver planned out every move
and oh did he make sure he didn’t bring any friends, this time
Oh Mr. Flip was sleeping at his home
when McBeaver came to his garden
It was silent
but about to be violent

Oh Eager McBeaver put a mask on to not smell the spray
and started spraying, spraying, spraying, spraying like a wild animal

Oh Eager McBeaver thought he wouldn’t get caught
oh but he didn’t know what goes around comes back around

Oh Eager McBeaver made one miscalculation
Mr. Flip owned a dog named Ryan
who was in the dog house that afternoon
Ryan was as tough as a lion
so for when Eager McBeaver was spraying
oh guess what, Ryan started barking
and woken up Mr. Flip

Oh Mr. Flip saw Eager McBeaver
and couldn’t believe he was asking for more
“Ahh my garden turned to rubble. McBeaverrrrrrrr!”
Mr. Flip came out, and McBeaver dropped the spray, and ran home like a cheetah

But remember what goes around comes back around,
As Eager McBeaver was running
he tripped on a tomato plant and collapsed
Mr. Flip luckily, caught up and got Eager McBeaver, perhaps.
Mr. Flip was as red as a tomato

Oh Mr. Flip had enough
He took this to his mother
who paid Mr. Flip
for all the damage McBeaver caused.
a total of $500.
Everything, in his garden was destroyed, it really was.

Oh Eager McBeaver
is one trouble maker
and now he’s in double the trouble

Oh Eager McBeaver
was grounded and was beaten
Well, I guess little McBeaver didn’t learn his lesson..

As for Mr. Flip
well, he started replanting his
fruits and vegetables
as he was tired of Eager Mcbeaver
Mr. Flip was feeling griever,
from, little, little rabbit, Eager McBeaver.

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