August 21, 2010
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Its no surprise that your the first named beauty described as Mona Lisa yet not nature unleashed but that reminds me of the glowing stars and moons of the blueberry nights and strawberry days when we used to write our own letters in an invisible ink
only to realize they where smoochy songs unsung, but yet to be by a nice eloquent voice that makes me inhibit to say "i love you"
with that look of adoration in your eyes the purity that make my blinks forever more, oh! truly i swear,you should have your own biopic that shows your wings yet beyond beauty
more like the touch of a blue-jay bird
wearing that nice, beautiful magenta dress of yours, while you luxuriate your self with a luxurious massage, and it would be very inviting to see an irrepressible face, so irresistible just like a irreplaceable diamond smile.

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