Three Words

August 18, 2010
By ashleyashleyy BRONZE, Bensalem, Pennsylvania
ashleyashleyy BRONZE, Bensalem, Pennsylvania
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"Be yourself. Everyone else is taken."

Walls could crumble around me and the earth could shudder and shake, but I’d pay no mind. If the stars suddenly died, if the moon fell from its lofty perch, would I notice? Would I care in the least if the oceans evaporated into the pulled cotton clouds? If every tree bowed and broke, if every flower wilted and died, if all things beautiful were destroyed, I would not mind. I would stand amidst it all, the chaos or the silence, and I would dream of you.
I would think of your touch upon my skin, the last kiss we shared. Do you remember, my love, the potential you have to break me? Three words constantly linger at the tips of our tongues, crashing like unbridled waves against our teeth, begging to be set free. Yet we keep them sealed away.. These words rest against my lips always, met by the barrier of hushed glances and uncomfortable silences. We try to pay them no mind. I succeed in putting up a façade to hide away what secretly delights but frightens me.
I try to say it every way but speaking.

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