September 26, 2007
By Marcel Gamble, Grand Rapids, MI

When you imagine the possible or impossible
Your mind is quite unstoppable
Imagine and you can face your biggest fears
A imagination can make the brightest crystals out of the most dreadful tears
It makes a beautiful life out of a slummy oasis
A imagination conqueres all challenges that it faces
Just imagine even if you feel like an object that has been ripped apart or torn
Just believe in your imagination and you can prosper in any war
A imagination can keep your goals and dreams alive for so long
Believe in yourself don't let detours get in your way
Keep your imaginations strong
Imagination can be led toward affection
It can lead you in a positive direction
It can give you a since of security and protection
Imagination doesn't always bring upon perfection
But it can heel hopeless thoughts and the illest infections
Dads, Moms, Sisters, Uncles, or Brothers
Any one can imagine in this world today
Imagination doesn't have limits
You can be Black, White, Hispanic, Straight , or Gay
Imagination isn't predjuduce or selective
To any one imagination can be very effective
Imagination can help you when you're a solider stuck in war
A imagination can bring down rain when you want it to pour
It can help you when you're a single mother with two kids and believe you can't go on, no more
A imagination makes the richest man poor
And the pooriest man rich
A imagination can change your attitude on life and your pitch
A imagination can change a cold heart into a warm one
A imagination can knock the bullets out of the criminals gun
A imagination can break down all boundaries that's causing you not to achieve
All you have to do is imagine and believe

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